Sep 24, 2010

The Line Test blog

I'm an animation fan and I give myself a try on it. It's a long long long road. I've always been interested in how things move, and I have always paid attention to how Disney characters act smoothly, beautifully, and how trully and alive they feel. Having an emotional connection to them is really the sign of a great work and shows how it's such a wonderful and interesting art form. 

Watching a full rendered movie is definitely a great experience. It really amazes me how much human effort is put together to create great pieces of animation that make our eyes bright. However, I find it so much more appealing to watch rough animation sequences, the line tests. They are the animation as the animators first conceived. As for me, these sequences feel so much more alive. I love the scratches in the paper, the density and boldness of the line, the softness and care. It can also reveal us a lot of the animator's mood. Just watch Glen Keane's action shots, for instance... You can tell by the way the lines were traced how much feeling he's put on it, through fast, bold, strong, almost violent lines.

This Blog is dedicated to all the animators and animation fans who, such as me, love the weight of the pencil in a piece of paper getting the touch of Gepetto.

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